Maximizing AdSense Earnings: Top Keywords and Ideal Niches for 2020

The Best AdSense Niches In the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia

The best AdSense niches across the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia include insurance, finance, legal services, education, technology, health and wellness, travel, and real estate, with performance varying based on regional trends and audience preferences. Success relies on quality content, audience engagement, and strategic ad placement.

If you’re leveraging AdSense placements on your website for monetization, naturally, you aim for maximum returns. It’s crucial to be strategic in selecting niches and optimizing keywords, as not all ads yield equal pay. Focusing on high-paying niches and keywords can amplify click-through rates and conversions, resulting in increased profit from your ad placements. This strategic approach can transform minimal earnings per click into substantial revenue, impacting both your personal and business life significantly. To assist publishers in achieving their revenue goals through AdSense, we conducted research utilizing’s CPC Map tool. This tool offers insights into top-paying ad niches and keywords, empowering you to tailor your content accordingly for immediate results.

The Best AdSense Niches In the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia

Identifying the most lucrative AdSense Niches is a strategic starting point when crafting content with monetization goals via the Display Network. However, it’s essential to recognize that niche profitability can vary by location.

Exploring the top niches in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia provides valuable insights. Additionally, marrying this knowledge with high-paying keywords enhances the potential benefits significantly.

The Best AdSense Niches in the US

In the United States, insurance stands out as the most lucrative niche, boasting an impressive average CPC of $17.55. This category encompasses various insurance types, such as health, home, auto, and life insurance. The willingness of businesses to invest in insurance ads stems from their potential for exceptionally high ROI, despite the comparatively higher CPCs.

After insurance, the best niches are as follows:

Online education commands a noteworthy $12.08 per click, followed by Marketing and Advertising at $6.45 per click, and Legal services averaging $6.11 per click. Internet & telecom holds steady at $4.96 per click. Beyond these niches, the CPC gradually declines, with nothing exceeding $2.28 per click.

Nevertheless, for blogs with substantial traffic, even a $1.90 CPC from industries like jewelry can accumulate over time. While it may not match the rapid accumulation of a $17.55 CPC, it’s essential to balance volume and relevance when considering high CPCs.

The Best AdSense Niches in the UK

Similarly to the United States, insurance emerges as the leading niche in the UK, boasting the highest CPC at approximately $6.86 per click.In the UK, insurance maintains a significant lead in CPC, with Marketing and Advertising trailing as the second most profitable niche, averaging $3.49 per click. Internet & Telecom follows closely at $3.21 per click, with Cryptocurrency rounding out the list at $1.82.

The Best AdSense Niches in Australia

Australia’s most lucrative niches closely mirror those of the United Kingdom.Once again, insurance reigns supreme as the top niche for publishers in Australia, boasting a CPC of $8.39. Following closely is Marketing & Advertising at $4.12, with Cryptocurrency at $3.08, Internet & Telecom at $2.67, and Online Banking at $2.09 rounding out the list of profitable niches.

The Best AdSense Niches in Canada

In Canada, the average cost per click tends to be lower compared to other countries, with Insurance leading as the niche with the highest average CPC at $3.57.

Following Insurance, the Marketing & Advertising niche commands a CPC of $2.74 in Canada. Home and Garden and Internet & Telecom tie at $2.21, followed closely by the Legal niche at $2.19.

Overall, Insurance, Marketing & Advertising, and Internet & Telecom emerge as the most profitable niches across various countries, which is valuable information for those targeting international audiences.

The Top-Paying Keywords in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Canada

Understanding which keywords are both high-paying and popular is crucial for maximizing ad revenue. High-paying keywords yield the most per click, while popular keywords drive more clicks. Balancing both aspects in your content strategy can optimize revenue generation.

The Top-Paying Keywords in the US

In the United States, there’s minimal overlap between the most expensive and the most popular keywords.

In the insurance industry, the most expensive keywords include “Geico insurance” ($83.24), “instant auto insurance quote” ($69.72), and “get auto insurance online” ($67.28). Conversely, the most popular keywords are “Farmer’s insurance” and “farm insurance,” each with a volume of 450,000 monthly searches, followed by “car insurance” and “travel insurance,” each with 368,000 searches.

In the Online education niche, the most expensive keywords include “start online college today” at $68.22, “apply for online college classes” at $67.36, and “online college application” at $66.08. Conversely, the most popular keywords have search volumes ranging from 550,000 to 110,000 monthly searches.

In Marketing and Advertising, the costs of the most expensive keywords vary slightly, ranging from $27.85 for “email marketing” to $20.95 for “seo consulting services.” Conversely, the most popular keywords are more general terms like “PR” and “marketing,” with monthly search volumes ranging from 90,500 to 135,000.

The Top-Paying Keywords in the UK

In the United Kingdom, the focus is primarily on life insurance and business-related insurance regarding the most expensive keywords. The top 5 most expensive keywords range from $28.83 for “low-cost life insurance” to $42.25 for “business health insurance.”

Their most popular keywords, however, mirror the top 5 in the United States, with a predominant focus on car insurance and travel insurance occupying each slot.

In Marketing and Advertising, the CPCs range from $20.80 per click for a local SEO company to $32.81 per click for a B2B advertising agency. Typically, high-value searches are those likely to have higher CPCs. Meanwhile, the most popular keywords remain more generic, such as “logo design,” “SEO,” “PR,” and “branding,” which are relatively easy to create content around.

In the UK, the Internet and Telecom industry showcases a vast range in CPC for the top 5 most expensive keywords, ranging from $36.80 for “3 mobile broadband” to $155.13 for “internet security firewall.”

Similarly, the most popular keywords in this niche exhibit significant gaps, with search volumes ranging from 22,200 monthly searches for “cyber security” to 90,500 searches for “mobile phones.” Some of these searches are broad, potentially challenging to rank well for, while ironically, they become more specific (and thus easier to rank for) as you move down the list.

The Top-Paying Keywords in Australia

Comparing Australia’s data to the previous two countries underscores the significant variations in detail across geographical locations, despite general similarities in niche performance.

In Australia, life insurance keywords emerged as the most expensive, with costs ranging closely from $53.34 for “family life insurance quotes” to $58.50 for “life insurance quote.” However, the most popular keywords were related to travel and car insurance.

In Marketing and Advertising, CPCs ranged from $31.62 for “web marketing company” to $112.93 per click for “search marketing company.” Conversely, the most popular keywords closely resembled those in the UK but with significantly lower search volumes, ranging from “marketing” with 9,900 monthly searches to “advertisement” with 33,100 searches.

Cryptocurrency also exhibited a substantial range, underscoring the importance of thorough research within the industry. The highest CPC was $50.51 for “how to buy cryptocurrency in Australia,” while the least expensive remained relatively high at $31.49 for “cryptocurrency trading sites.” These searches typically reflect high intent from users.

The most popular keywords in the Cryptocurrency niche ranged from 49,500 monthly searches for “btc” to 201,000 for “bitcoin price.” Crafting content around these topics would be excellent for driving traffic to your site and generating clicks.

The Top-Paying Keywords in Canada

In Canada, both the CPCs and monthly average search volumes are notably lower compared to other geographic locations. Nonetheless, there remains ample potential revenue for publishers.

In the insurance niche, the top 5 most expensive keywords range from $12.47 for “commercial business insurance” to $17 for “auto insurance price quotes,” showcasing diversity. Conversely, the most popular keywords share a theme around variations of “insurance,” resulting in 40,500 monthly searches.

In Marketing & Advertising, the average CPC surpasses that of Insurance, despite the latter yielding more overall profit. The lowest CPC among the top 5 list starts at $17 for “search engine marketing agency” and climbs to $26.10 for “email marketing.” Conversely, the most popular keywords resemble those from the UK and Australia, with vague terms like “SEO,” “logo design,” and “PR” dominating the top slots.

The Internet & Telecom niche also presents significant potential, boasting high average CPCs for the country. “Network security monitoring” emerges as the most expensive keyword at $24.82. However, their most popular keywords exhibit a wide range of search volumes. For instance, “internet” enjoys a staggering search volume of 40,500, whereas the fifth most popular keyword, “cyber security,” falls significantly lower at only 6,600 searches.

The 4-step Process on How You Can Benefit from This Data

Developing a 4-step process to digest and utilize the featured information effectively can mitigate feelings of overwhelm.

1. Define Which Keywords to Target in the Chosen Niche

Step 1: Define Which Keywords to Target in the Chosen Niche
Utilize Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool to look up an industry-related “seed” keyword, such as “insurance,” to discover the most relevant and potentially profitable keywords.

Pro Tip: Experiment with Sorting
Consider sorting the keywords by various metrics to tailor your approach. Sorting by the highest CPC may reveal long-tail keywords with low volume but high income potential over time. Conversely, sorting by volume could lead to keywords with lower CPCs but greater exposure potential. Strike a balance in your strategy to optimize revenue generation.

2. Find Which Keywords are Driving the Most Revenue to Your Competitors

It’s wise to recognize that competitors might possess valuable insights that you lack. Acquiring some of their top-performing keywords can boost your profitability. Imagine gaining access to the keywords driving the highest clicks and revenue for your rivals. Semrush’s Organic Research tool offers this capability, allowing you to seize this valuable information.

Underneath the “Positions” tab, you just have to follow four quick steps: 

  1. Enter your competitor’s website into Organic Research tool.
  2. Navigate to the “Top Organic Keywords” section and click to view the full report.
  3. Sort the keywords by CPC to identify high-value opportunities.
  4. Review the list of potential keywords, aiming for a balance between high search volume and high CPC.
  5. Repeat this process with at least 3-5 competitor sites to compile a diverse and highly effective keyword profile for targeting.

3. Find Topics That Will Resonate Most

When crafting content, identifying topics that resonate deeply with your audience is essential for optimizing relevant ad placements on your site. While this can be a challenging task, our Topic Research tool simplifies the process. Simply input an industry-related topic, such as “insurance,” and the tool will present you with headlines that strongly resonate with individuals seeking content related to it.

4. Create Content With the Highest-ranking Potential

Creating high-quality content targeting high CPC and high search volume keywords is indeed valuable. However, its effectiveness hinges on driving traffic to your site. To achieve this, it’s crucial to optimize your content for higher rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

The tool provides specific suggestions to enhance the potential ranking of your post, offering actionable advice to improve your content’s SERP ranking and ultimately drive more revenue.


When monetizing your site as a publisher, conducting additional research is crucial to maximize your earnings. However, success largely depends on selecting the most profitable niches relevant to your target audience. Understand your audience and consider what would be most pertinent to them. The more relevant the ad, the higher the likelihood of clicks, thus maximizing your overall revenue.