Download Now: Comprehensive PPC Analytics Toolkit at No Cost

Contained within The Complete PPC Analytics Toolkit are:

Unlock the power of PPC with essential tools: keyword organizer, spending tracker, competitive analysis, and expert insights on AdWords and Google Analytics settings. Learn advanced tactics in spying on PPC competition and optimizing campaigns for conversion.

Hanapin Marketing and Semrush have collaborated to produce The Complete PPC Analytics Toolkit, a comprehensive resource for optimizing your PPC campaigns! This package includes three Excel spreadsheets, three whitepapers, and two webinar recordings, all tailored to enhance your PPC account management. Utilize these valuable tools and materials to extract crucial data and streamline your campaign strategies.

The Complete PPC Analytics Toolkit contains

Keyword Research Excel Spreadsheet: This convenient spreadsheet simplifies keyword organization and prepares data for seamless integration into Google AdWords.

PPC Daily Spend Excel Spreadsheet: Stay on top of your daily spending with this useful spreadsheet designed for easy monitoring.

AdWords Competitive Landscape Analysis Excel Spreadsheet: Compare keywords and assess traffic costs relative to your own domain using this comprehensive spreadsheet tool.

Whitepaper on Competitive Intelligence: Discover effective strategies for outperforming competitors in AdWords with this insightful whitepaper.

Whitepaper on the Admin Settings in Google Analytics: Gain comprehensive knowledge of Google Analytics admin settings with this informative guide.

Whitepaper on using Google Analytics for CRO: Explore innovative ways to utilize Google Analytics for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) in this informative whitepaper.

Webinar recording on tactics to spy on your PPC competition: Learn cutting-edge tactics for monitoring your PPC competitors in this insightful webinar presented by Semrush and Hanapin Marketing experts.

Webinar recording on PPC Analytics: Uncover nine essential insights about PPC analytics in this enlightening webinar presentation.